Contrary to popular belief, we cannot wave a magic wand and get a client into the NBA. We cannot snap our fingers and deliver a huge five-year contract for a client. A player's value is determined first and foremost by his play on the court. What we can do is maximize the contract for our clients given such performance.

In order to achieve the highest salary possible over the life of a player's career, an agent must assist the client in making sound career decisions. Our clients face critical decisions which ultimately impact their career earnings and achievements. For example:

  • Should I sign a long- or short-term contract?
  • Should I opt out of my contract and enter free agency, or remain under contract with my current team?
  • Should I extend my current contract or enter into free agency next season?
  • Should I sign for less money with a good team or more money with a bad one?
  • Should I sign in Europe and leave the NBA or vice versa?
  • Should I request a trade from my current team?

We take pride in helping each client arrive at a sound decision at each juncture of his career. Combine this with our knowledge of the NBA and European salary markets, as well as our expertise with the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement, and our clients sign contracts they can be proud of.